Latest Projects


British Nightmares aims to investigate reputedly haunted locations and interview people who have had experiences or knowledge in the supernatural. Unlike many shows, we don’t want to jump to conclusions but rather explore the many possible explanations and opinions, both spiritual and scientific.

Hells-Valley Scan-Velocity 2014 Baby-Monkey  

The Snow Monkey, or Japanese Macaque is the only primate with the exception of humans to live so far north and in such cold conditions. The documentary takes an up close look at these fascinating creatures, and explores their mysterious world and how they have learned to fight the cold.

Six-Seconds-to-Die 01  

Our entry for the 666 Shortcuts to Hell competition 2013 on the Horror Channel in association with Movie Mogul.  It's Halloween and three friends are celebrating with drinks. Bored they decided test out an old urban-legend, but what starts out as a silly game soon turns into their worst nightmare.

Tokyo-Dusk 02  

Tokyo Dusk is our biggest no-budget project to date, and filmed on and off over several months in Tokyo.  The film starts off much like a more serious 'Shaun of the Dead', where everyone is seemingly unaware of an impending zombies apocalipse.


Labourers is a short comedy in the style of a safety training video/old 16mm B movie. Expected some moderate laughs, and a lot of action and gore!

horrorjp maintitles sm  

Horror In Japan, looks at how the genre has transcended cultures as well as the beginnings of J-Horror in Japan, its influences and how it portrays and challenges Japanese society and culture.  Aimed at true horror fans and reflecting on films they know and love..